Talking about commercial dishwashers spare parts, the engineers often complain about the difficulties in finding among the various models by a manufacturer those necessary in order to carry out a technical intervention; in fact it could be easy to confuse things and for instance a solenoid which works properly for a model could not work for another similar one.

Not to mention the costs caused by having to keep a big stock of spare parts in order to easily mend an entire range of dishwashers. Sistema Project Italia is at the forefront for having, since the beginning, conceived machines whose components are highly interchangeable, simplifying this way engineers’  life and making their customers save money and precioustime.
In order to give a better idea of such concept let’s think about the detergent and rinse-aid pumps:
they’ re the same for the whole product range.
That also means that, among other things, they have a pumping power which is even higher than what is necessary when fitted into small models. Only three types of washing pumps are used for the entire product range, then again the washing group is always the same, only the washing impellers may change.Moreover such components can be very easily and quickly replaced, at a very low cost, making that way Sistema Project Italia‘ s dishwashers among the most interesting in the market for their quality/price ratio.


Sistema Project Italia staff