Month: April 2020

Temperature and sanitising of tableware

27 April 2020 - temperature and sanitization

Disinfection of crockery in industrial dishwashers DIN SPEC10534 statement specifies the hygiene requirements relating to the design, construction and operation…[ ]

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Hygiene and disinfection with the clear water dishwasher

23 April 2020 - Hygiene and disinfection as a maximum- priority

In professional washing for restaurants and bars, washing and rinsing temperatures play an important role. Generally in the most advanced…[ ]

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Selection guide, basic infographic

16 April 2020 - commercial dishwasher from project system italia

Do you need more info? Fill the form in our Contact area to get any advice. Sistema Project Italia staff

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Commercial dishwasher: how to choose your dishwashing system

16 April 2020 - sistema project italia dishwasher product range

How to choose the right commercial dishwasher for your business For any public place where there is a need for…[ ]

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How to clean a commercial dishwasher

2 April 2020 - manutenzione lavastoviglie

How to maintain your industrial dishwasher in good health The basic maintenance of an commercial dishwasher consists of a series…[ ]

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