The moment is close…

21 May 2020 - unica by project system italia

Italy has been the first country to give the go-ahead for the restart of bars and restaurants although still with many restrictions: the managers of the activities in the Horeca sector are preparing for the reopening of the kitchens.

The industrial dishwasher is one of the many equipment that will come back into operation after the long stop.

What precautions to recommend in this regard from a technical point of view?

1 – Cleaning and emptying of the tank: if there is water left in the tank it must be absolutely emptied to carry out the correct cleaning operations. Otherwise, the patina of dirt that generally tends to settle on the water surface may have solidified causing problems to different components such as the air trap.

2 – Salt regeneration: if the dishwasher is equipped with an integrated or external softener, after a long inactivity it is advisable to carry out the salt regeneration operations.

3 – Empty cycles: it is good practice to carry out at least 10/15 cycles without dishes after a long period of inactivity, this will allow you to check the correct operation of the wash pump and dispensers.

Sistema Project Staff