Advantages of the air break tank in commercial dishwashers

5 March 2021 - break tank in a commercial dishwasher by sistema project italia

Break tank: discover the benefits for commercial dishwashers

The range of commercial dishwashers equipped with an air break tank have important advantages over models not equipped with this system:

-dishes are always rinsed at a constant temperature and water pressure, regardless of the pressure level of the water supply

-the rinse pump ensures superior rinsing quality thanks to the high pressure of the water jets, even in areas or situations where the water mains pressure is significantly low, less than 2 bar.

Sistema Project Italia has long since developed a high-performance break tank system that is easy to install. It can be found installed as standard, on the T1215 Energy+ hood-type dishwasher and the S90, S200 and S350 warewashers. Optionally, it can be installed in the Unica dishwasher and glasswasher range, all hood-type dishwashers and the S100 utensil washer.

The installation of the break tank is compulsory if you need a dishwasher with a reverse osmosis purifying system, in order to guarantee the perfect functioning of the machine.

What is the break tank and how does it work?

The break tank is a device, which if installed in a commercial dishwasher, is intended to prevent backflow of contaminated water coming from the dishwasher’s storage tank (boiler) from recirculating into the drinking water system.

The water could be contaminated with several types of substances such as rinse aid, food debris, bacterias or others. In the event of a machine failure or malfunction, the break tank diverts the contaminated backflow into the dishwasher’s washing chamber

The break tank is therefore an efficient safety system that avoids putting unsafe water into the water supply, which should only provide clean drinking water.

The air gap break tank system, also called Abt or “A Type”, physically decouples the water mains from the boiler, providing the dishwasher with a double advantage:

  • a continuous supply of pure, uncontaminated water during the rinsing phase
  • the certainty of keeping the mains water clean.

What is the atmospheric boiler?

The boiler that is coupled to the break tank is called atmospheric boiler. The characteristic of the atmospheric boiler is that it is never under pressure because, once it has been filled, it is disconnected from the water mains and therefore no longer subject to the pressure of the water system, but to atmospheric pressure.

During the rinsing of the tableware, as there is no pressure from the water mains, it is necessary to use a rinsing pump, which draws clean water from the atmospheric bolier, pushing it at high pressure towards the rinsing arms. Clean water flows out of the nozzles of the arms at constant temperature and pressure, ensuring that cutlery, plates, glasses, pots and pans and utensils are rinsed with the highest quality.

Break tank regulations and guidelines

The use of the break tank arose from the need to meet WRAS guidelines, an acronym that stands for “Water Regulations Advisory Scheme. This is a UK regulation that provides guidance on how a product that comes into contact with drinking water, can comply with UK drinking water regulations. Also in Belgium there is a federation, Belgaqua, representing public water and wastewater services in Belgium, consisting of three regional associations pushing for a European regulation. In the European Union there is an ongoing discussion about the type of regulation, similar to wras, that will set the rules and probably one day will lead to a certification of the break tank system.

If you need more information about the air break tank, how it works and the advantages of installing this system in your professional dishwasher, please contact us and we will be happy to help you find the best solution for you and your needs.

Sistema Project Italia staff