Sistema Project Italia has been the first company having a clean water system patent (with constant volume) where there’s an automatic clean water refill with the right dose of detergent and rinse-aid after every cycle.

Hygiene: the best in the market today.

Energy saving: thanks to the minimum consumption in terms of water.

Eco-friendly: to reduce waste.

Full optional model with double skin (25 mm).


Washing cycle

made with water from the previous cycle, already with the right temperature



it’s essential to have all the water gathered in the tank



after every washing cycle the water is all automatically drained


Rinsing cycle

with clean water at 90° coming directly from the boiler with the right dose of rinse-aid, it’s made with volume principle in order to get a proper rinse even in low pressure conditions. The water is so gathered in the tank and ready for the next cycle.The best way to obtain maximum higyene, saving water and to stop wastage