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Sistema Project Italia was born in Castelfranco Veneto, in Italy, and has been involved in the production of commercial professional dishwashers since 1991, keeping up to now its basic concepts of reliability and simplicity, combined with the quality of an entirely Italian product.

Complete range of products for all professional washing needs, from cup washers to rack-conveyor dishwashers. The company can count in the logistics and assembly center of Castelfranco Veneto on a staff of about 20 highly specialized employees in the industrial washing sector and thanks to its compact size it can guarantee enormous flexibility in product customization and unparalleled production speed in compared to the other realities in the industrial washing sector.



Reliability and simplicity, combined with the quality of a 100% Made in Italy product.



Staff specialized in washing with a know-how of more than 30 years of history able to find and develop the specific solution for every customer need. Each single machine is tested with its own test report, electrical test and water/real working simulation test (from 5 to 10 test cycles).



Commercial dishwshers designed to be simple and intuitive for both the end user and the technician: all the main components are arranged frontally, including the solenoid valve. For 90% of possible interventions, it is sufficient to remove the front panel without having to move the dishwasher from site.



Thanks to the concept of specific modularity of the components, it is possible with a single basic spare parts kit to perform service on the entire product range. This important feature allows the distributor / retailer to 1- Save money for storage 2 – Save space in stock 3 – Provide any assistance quickly



A production model closely linked to the assembly line allows a potential productivity of about 50 under counter machines and 25 hoods per day. For standard models (usually always in stock), the processing times are extremely rapid for this reason. We mean 2/3 working days from order confirmation on a regular basis.



Sistema Project Italia has invented a clean water system (at constant volume) before any other on the market. The water, thanks to a suitable boiler, is automatically changed at each washing cycle with the addition of the correct dose of rinse aid and detergent.

  1. Washing cycle: with the water of the previous cycle, filtered, which is already in temperature and without residues from previous washing cycles.
  2. Drain cycle: the water is drained after the washing cycle so that the tank is clean and ready for the rinse cycle.
  3. Rinse cycle: with clean water at 90 ° C coming directly from the boiler, with the right amount of rinse aid.

The water is then gathered in the tank, and is ready for the next washing cycle. This is the best way to save energy and avoid unnecessary costs as well as having the best results in terms of hygiene compared to traditional dishwashers with partial drain system.

The washing water never comes into contact with the rinsing water, allowing you to wash dishes with very different dirt between them during the same work shift without residues of the previous cycles.



The product can be customized both in its external appearance and in its technical specifications. The variants resulting from the basic range are around 800 in our database. The aesthetic aspect of the machine can also be customized with images of your choice to boost the brand or to adapt the dishwasher to the appearance of the bar corner when exposed to the public.



Deep – Drawn handle in the Alpha and Unica range: A unique and characteristic design as well as an industrial patent. Easy to clean. It does not allow dirt to settle in the corners ensuring greater hygiene as well as occupying less space for smaller kitchens.

L-shaped tank in the Unica series: another industrial patent, the Unica series tank is made of a single sheet of pressed stainless steel with no protruding parts. This greatly facilitates maintenance by avoiding residual dirt on the corners.

Custom washing pumps: specially designed to have low consumption and first level performance, just think of hydraulic head values ranging from a minimum of 8 meters in the cup washers to a maximum of 14 meters in most of the under-counter dishwasher.

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1991 – Foundation, Castelfranco Veneto, Treviso, Italy.

1992 – First participation in the Milan Horeca fair.

1992 – First constant volume clean water machines. Exclusive patent.

1993 – First European markets: Austria, Germany, France.

1995 – First participation in foreign fairs, Equip Hotel Paris, Sirha Lyon and Hostelco Barcellona will follow over the years.

2000 – The range becomes wider: pot washers and hood type dishwashers.

2003 – Further update: rack conveyors machines available.

2007 – The first version of the “UNICA” dishwasher line, a product that manages to combine an elegant and functional design with new technical features that guarantee excellent washing results and low energy consumption.

2012 – The basic Jet series, one of the best quality / price ratio machine on the market still today.

2013 – Sistema Project splits into two business branches: “Sistema Project Italia” for the dishwasher sector, “Sistema Project Service” for spare parts, in order to increase the efficiency of the technical service.

2019 – The new LCD electronic display sets a new goal for the company

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