“Dark kitchen” and delivery: how to optimize the space on the washing area.

10 November 2020 - professional dishwasher in the kitchen

With “dark kitchen” we mean the restaurants that are born deliberately without a place for customers and that deal exclusively with home deliveries.

This increasingly widespread phenomenon often pushes the restaurateur to optimize space and look for solutions for the washing area that have the smallest possible size.

Sistema Project Italia has developed some unique solutions for washing in kitchens where space is minimal and every centimeter is vital:

– Hood type dishwasher with integrated options: this type of dishwasher, already bulky, becomes even more when the user is forced to install a softener or a steam/heat recovery unit in the kitchen.

These components on Sistema Project models are located inside the machine so as to avoid wasting additional space.

A perfect example is definitely T1215 Energy+ hood type with integrated heat recovery unit.

– The Alpha40LS dishwasher: when you have very little space to wash dishes and a dishwasher with a 50 cm basket is too bulky, the best proposal is the Alpha40LS, a machine with a 40 cm basket with upper washing arms which is the perfect hybrid between a glass washer and a dishwasher with surprising results.

– Useful height of the door among the widest on the market today: up to 340 mm of useful height for undercounter models for positioning the dishes. Most machines with the same measurements have a lower door height.

– Deep drawn handle: in the undercounter dishwasher the characteristic Project handle does not protrude outwards and in situations where every centimeter is important, it facilitates the user’s mobility, as well as being a solution with an attractive design and extreme ease of cleaning.

Sistema Project Italia staff