Active Dynamic Control: high-efficiency in-tank water heating system

16 March 2022 - Active Dynamc Control

Highly efficient and fast
water heating system

Sistema Project Italia has in its DNA the continuous ability to create and develop new solutions that allows its industrial dishwashers to excel.

In the Unica and UnicaP professional dishwashers range we use the most innovative system for heating the water in the tank available on the professional dishwashing market.

We call it Active Dynamic Control.

This solution has allowed us to achieve a series of advantages from both technical and performance point of view:

-the power supplied by the system is not fixed (as is the case with classic “on/off” heating elements) but is dynamic, and is modulated according to the temperature of the water in the tank

-maintains a constant water temperature, without sudden temperature change and in an automatic mode

-lower energy consumption compared to the classic water heating systems used in all other dishwashers in the Horeca sector

-shorter start-up time to reach the targeted temperature

-heat transfer to the steel tank is carried out by transmission through direct contact, with a high pass-on efficiency

-is a modular system

-The inner tank of the dishwasher is completely free and easy to clean, eliminating the corrosion problem of the heating element due to detergents and the presence of limescale and ferritic substances in the water.

-The absence of external heating elements eliminates the risk of burns and fire, ensuring a very high level of safety.

What is a PTC and how does it work?

Active Dynamic Control is part of the PTC family, i.e. “Positive Temperature Coefficient”, which means that resistance increases as the temperature rises.

Actually, the PTC has a non-linear resistance-temperature curve, so when it is heated, resistance initially decreases until a specific predetermined temperature is reached. When the temperature rises above a certain critical value, the resistance begins to increase dramatically and instantaneously with a logarithmic relationship, until the balance point is reached. This point is called the Curie point, where the energy absorbed is only required to keep the balance temperature constant.

The system therefore foresees a certain initial energy absorption but, as soon as the balance temperature is reached, it will be reduced, remaining low for the whole duration of the dishwasher’s use.

The advantages offered by this system to the Unica and Unica P dishwasher family are therefore many. The customer who chooses one of these machines will be guaranteed a 60% shorter first heating time compared to traditional heating elements, a reduction in energy consumption and, last but not least, the highest safety level technically possible.

Sistema Project Italia staff