Hygiene and disinfection with the clear water dishwasher

23 April 2020 - Hygiene and disinfection as a maximum- priority

In professional washing for restaurants and bars, washing and rinsing temperatures play an important role.

Generally in the most advanced dishwashers the washing is adjustable and is around 60 ° C while the rinse can reach up to 90 ° C.

These values, maintained for a constant time, provide an important sanitizing action against germs and bacteria.

It should however be kept in mind that high temperatures kept for an excessive time can lead to imbalances such as:

– Unsatisfactory washing results (the reaction with the right detergent is fundamental)

– The thermal shock to which the glasses are subjected once the cycle is finished (the difference with the outside temperature can damage the most delicate glasses once removed from the basket)

– The high presence of steam that is created.

For the kitchen and restaurant, this type of rinse temperature (about 90 °) is generally hardly prolonged for more than 30 seconds so as not to run into the above mentioned problems concerning the dishes.

The clean water dishwasher has additional hygiene benefits:

the total change of water in the tank (automatic) ensures that the residues from previous washes are never present, exponentially increasing the level of hygiene.

In addition, in these models the rinse does not take into account the time but must reach a predetermined volume. On average, the high temperatures with sanitizing action last for about 30 seconds (with normal water pressure between 2 and 4 Bar) instead of the average 17 seconds of traditional dishwashers.

Sistema Project Italia staff