The beer glass: the search for the “perfect pint”.

7 December 2020 - beers at the fair

There is a close relationship between the tapping of the beer and the cleaning of the glass that must contain it and everything must fit together perfectly in the search for what bartenders and master brewers call “the perfect pint”.

There is in fact a real procedure that mentions the shape of the glass, the pouring angle, the times and ways of serving the beer.

The care of the glass is fundamental in this, which must always be fresh, dry and clean.

A glasswasher consumes much less water than washing by hand. And water is an increasingly precious commodity. In some traditional breweries it is still customary to wash by hand but, due to costs, the rinse water is replaced less and less. The glasses remain greasy, and there is little foam.

The presence of stains, halos, detergent residues or any other dirt also alter the flavor of the product.

For these reasons, the use of a glass washer is essential: more productivity, less waste and better hygiene.

But what tricks to get the most out of your glasswasher?

1- Improve water quality

An important factor is the quality of the water during the washing process. If the water has not been properly treated for washing, it leaves halos and limescale deposits on the glass, even after an intensive wash cycle. To counter this phenomenon, combining the dishwasher with a water treatment module can be the right solution.

2- Arrangement of the glasses in the basket

When placing the glasses in the basket, care should be taken that the jets of water, during washing, cannot make the glasses hit one another. This prevents minor damage or even breaking of the glasses. The soft-start function, included in the UNICA dishwasher and glasswasher range, also reduces the initial start of the wash pump with a gradual increase in intensity.

3- Adequate temperatures

Delicate glasses should be washed in the dishwasher at a temperature between 55°C and a maximum of 63°C, possibly only with the dedicated program. At higher temperatures and after prolonged use, glass damage can occur, which can become cloudy. It is also recommended to use a special detergent for washing glasses and to remove it immediately from the dishwasher once the program is finished.

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Sistema Project Italia staff