Implementation of the SAN cycle in the Unica range

14 July 2020 - dettaglio logo UNICA sulla lavastoviglia

The SAN sanitization cycle is recommended when you need to ensure sanitization of the higher level. This program checks the temperature and washing time by calculating the constant A0.

Washing ends when parameter A0 reaches a value of 30. The duration is variable, on average we are about 15 or 20 minutes, for this reason the SAN cycle is recommended for specific washes and is often completed at the end of the working day.

This cycle has been implemented and must be requested specifically for users of the UNICA range.

The washing in this case reaches 70°C while the rinse is always set at 85°C with the Thermostop function as the consolidated standard in all the electronic models of the Sistema Project range.

This means that the machine continues washing until the water in the boiler reaches the temperature necessary to start the rinse, which in this way eliminates a high number of germs and bacteria for a general sanitization of the dishes.

For optimal performance, the use of the 25 mm double wall is recommended.

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Sistema Project Italia staff