Instrument washer for dentist laboratory and clinics

Instrument washer for dental instruments
and laboratory glassware

Multiple washing cycles The duration of the wash can be selected, the appropriate button allows you to choose the cycle from the 4 times set from 1 to 15 minutes.

Automatic drain Once the washing is completed, with the drain of the water, the tank is cleaned and the machine is prepared for the next final rinse.

Automatic dosing pumps The dose of product needed for each cycle is automatically entered using the appropriate adjustable doser.

Volumetric rinsing Gives certainty of perfect rinse even with little pressure. It occurs at the correct temperature, with clean water from the boiler, already added with additive at the right concentration. The rinse water is collected in the tank and then reused for subsequent washing.

This system represents the best solution for professional washing, always guaranteeing optimal results.

Ideal instrument washer for dental offices and hospitals


• Clean water at each cycle • Crossed washing jets • High pressure washing with adjustable temperature up at 60 ° C • Rinse temperature adjustable up to 90 oC • Constant volume rinsing • Double skin with rounded edges 25mm • Overall dimensions: 450 x 480 x 655 mm • Self-cleaning structure • Easy maintenance • Automatic peristaltic dosing units • Steel baskets • 3 washing cycles • Automatic drain pump

Technical data

Supply voltage: 400 V 3N + T

Maximum power: 4520 W

Water used per cycle: 4.5 liters

Basket size: 350 x 350 mm

Weight: 30 kg

Clearance: 235 mm

Connectable directly to hot water

Standard equipment 1 net basket 1 tool holder 1 closed basket for small parts 1 closed basket for medium parts 1 tray insert