The double skinned in commercial dishwashers

25 March 2020 - dettaglio logo UNICA sulla lavastoviglia

Why does the double-skinned provide added value in a dishwasher?

The double skinned in industrial dishwashers

Double-skinned industrial dishwashers represent an ideal solution in the world of dishwashing for professional environments such as bars, restaurants, hotels, and catering.

These professional appliances offer numerous advantages over traditional single-walled models, both from a technical and commercial point of view.

Let’s explore the various benefits of using double-walled dishwashers and how they can meet the needs of the most demanding customers.

Sistema Project Italia: the right choice for double-walled dishwashers

Sistema Project Italia offers two versions of double-walled dishwashers: one model with a thickness of 10 mm and another with a thickness of 25 mm. These models have been designed to ensure both greater operational efficiency and an improvement in the work environment.

Sound insulation: working in a quieter environment

One of the main advantages of double walled dishwashers is sound insulation. In professional environments such as bars, restaurants, and hotels, communication between staff and customers and the tranquility of the premises are essential. Also, in these contexts, workspaces can be limited, making noise reduction even more critical.
A double-walled industrial dishwasher significantly reduces the noise of the machine during operation. This allows staff to work in a quieter environment, increasing efficiency and improving the customer experience.

Thermal insulation and protection for adjacent furnishings

Industrial dishwashers generate a large amount of heat, especially during the rinsing phase when the temperature can exceed 85°C. In closed and poorly ventilated environments, this heat can cause damage to furniture and furnishings adjacent to the dishwasher.
Thanks to the double wall, Sistema Project Italia’s industrial dishwashers offer excellent thermal insulation. This feature protects furnishings from excessive heat, preserving their integrity and longevity over time.

Energy saving: a sustainable option for your business

Double walled dishwashers contribute to energy savings thanks to their innovative design. The double-wall construction limits heat loss, preventing the water from cooling down quickly. As a result, the internal heating elements are less intensely stressed, reducing overall energy consumption.
By choosing a double-walled industrial dishwasher, you can reduce your business’s energy costs and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Double wall in the dishwasher:
added value for your business

Sistema Project Italia’s double-walled industrial dishwashers offer a wide range of benefits for all Horeca customers. Thanks to sound and thermal insulation and energy savings, these machines represent an ideal solution for the most demanding customers looking for efficiency and sustainability.
Moreover, the double wall in industrial dishwashers improves the working environment, protects furnishings, and reduces operating costs. Choosing a double-walled dishwasher from Sistema Project Italia means making a smart and sustainable investment for your business, ensuring quality service and high customer satisfaction.

Sistema Project Italia staff