The double skin commercial dishwasher

25 March 2020 -

Why is a plus

Double skin commercial dishwashers are the best choice for the most demanding customer.

Sistema Project Italia offers 2 double skin versions: 10 mm or 25 mm.

The advantages in having a double skin dishwasher are many:

  • Noise insulation

Communication between the staff and/or with customers in the kitchen or a bar is just crucial.

Especially when the working environment is not so big any reduction in terms of noise helps the optimization of the work enhancing the efficiency.

  • Heat insulation and protection of the adjacent furniture

A commercial dishwasher gives off  a great quantity of heat. Just figure out during the rinse phase the temperature can reach more than 85°C.

For this reason, especially in the small kitchen with a little ventilation the heat tends to ruin the adjacent furniture. Having a double skin machine helps to prevent this situation.

  • Energy saving

Double-skinned construction limits the heat loss (the water cools down less quickly). This feature allows for a less intense use of the heating elements. The result is reduced energy consumption.

Sistema Project Italia staff