Clean water system dishwasher

23 March 2020 - lavastoviglie project system italia installata in una cucina

Why is so special ?

The clean water dishwasher, simply maximum hygiene for your bar or restaurant.

Maximum hygiene, no residue from previous washes, level of sanitization of the dishes significantly better than a traditional dishwasher.

Environmental impact

The water is drained before the rinsing phase, so as to eliminate only the dirty water, while water of the rinsing is reused to restore the level: we thus have less presence of bacteria and limestone in the tank, but also a lower dosage of detergent , with consequent economic savings and reduction of the environmental impact

Versatility, perfect washing of mixed and diversified loads
Have you ever tried to wash dishes where you have eaten, for example, fish or foods with strong flavors and immediately after having the need to wash glasses that will have to host high-level wines?
Or, before to wash these glasses, need to wash some coffee cups?
In all these cases, with a traditional machine there will always be residues of previous washes which will affect the quality of subsequent washes: with the clean water dishwasher, given the total change of water in the tank, this problem is overcome.

Always guaranteed rinsing: being volumetric and not timed, the rinsing is completed when a certain volume of water is reached.

Do you still need info to understand how a clean water dishwasher is different from a traditional machine?
This is the link for you.

Sistema Project Italia staff