Custom design and aesthetic coating for your commercial dishwashers

Challenge the beauty
Customize your dishwasher

A dishwasher is a piece of furniture that integrates into an environment that you have tailored for your bar counter. Sistema Project Italia offers you today to design commercial dishwashers customized with the print of your choice. Images, logos and textures entirely chosen by you!


We use 3M DI-NOC ™ certified films, resistant to high temperatures, water, impact, wear and abrasion.

Graphic coating

Images and logos printed by ink jet on adhesive vinyl films and protected with a lamination that allows to resist up to a temperature of over 90 ° C.

Enhance your brand, print your logo, convey your brand and enhance your franchise.

Beautify your barcounter.


Customize your dishwasher! 

Print an image of your choice or coat it with industrial production films that simulate real surfaces.

Aesthetic coating

We use industrial production films that simulate real surfaces, with patented 3M Comply technology.

You can choose from 500 patterns belonging to over 25 families, such as wood, metals, leather, stones and many other decorative finishes or metallic textures.


What it takes to customize your commercial dishwasher


1. Choice of the graphic subject (by you or by our graphic team);

2. Simulation (rendering) of the final result, also reproducing the installation environment;

3. Graphic design to adapt the image to the support.


Only for the graphic coating (logos and images)

A. Inkjet printing on polymer or cast films.

B. Glossy, semi-gloss or matte lamination of the printed part to protect against scratches.

4. Cutting to size and possible shaping with CNC of the portions of films;

5. Thorough cleaning of surfaces and manual application with the aid of tools such as spatulas, industrial hair dryers, cutters, scalpels;

6. Quality control of the finished product.