Commercial high performance dishwasher cutlery baskets

1 April 2022 - Cestello lavastoviglie di sistema project italia

How the design of dishwasher baskets affects the washing process

The range of dishwasher cutlery baskets for professionaldishwashers for the Catering Industry that Sistema Project Italia offers for its machines has been designed and patented to guarantee the highest dishwashing performance.

The idea was born from the observation, inside the washing chamber, of how the flows and water jets reached, or did not reach, the dishware placed inside a classic dishwasher cutlery trays.

It was found that, even with a powerful water jet, it often did not reach the tableware effectively, which meant that plates, glasses and cutlery could not be cleaned properly.

The problem was the design of the cutlery basket. The classic multipurpose dishwasher basket did not allow the flow of pressurised water to pass through because it was blocked by the components and the holes in the dishwasher basket’s structure were too small. So we started thinking about how to improve dishwashing, increasing the cutlery basket’s performance while maintaining the solidity that these elements need, given the mechanical stresses to which they are subjected during any working day.

We started by redesigning the entire structure, starting with the base of the cutlery basket, continuing with the corners, and ending with the lateral parts of the dishwasher rack.

The aim was to study and design a new structure to create a new family of patented multiporpose dishwasher baskets, with an innovative design and high efficiency thanks to holes that could leave as much space as possible for the water jets produced by the dishwasher washing arms.

Washing test with the new dishawasher basket prototype

Once the prototype had been defined on paper, a number of samples were made, each with different, specific modifications. This was followed by the real washing test with a dishwasher.

The test was carried out under precise conditions in order to certify the improvement in washing performance:

  • the dishwasher had a tank temperature of 55°C
  • No detergent or rinse aid was used.
  • dishes and glasses soiled with mustard left to dry for 3 hours were used.

The washing test was then divided into 3 steps, depending on the washing time:

  • 1: 30-second dishwashing
  • 2: 120-second dishwashing
  • 3: 210-second dishwashing

At the end of each step, the results and the differences in washing between a regular multi purpose commercial dishwasher basket and a new one were analysed, achieving the following results:

  • the development of a new and complete family of multipurpose dishwasher baskets with 3 different sizes: 30cm, 40cm and 50cm
  • a revolutionary design in which every single dishwasher basket hole was engineered to have a specific design, exact position and precise dimensions
  • an improvement in the washing and cleaning of all tableware, especially plates
  • a reduction in water stagnation and dirt inside the drum, thanks to the new design that allows more efficient drainage and total discharge of water from the cutlery basket.

If we consider that the test was carried out without using rinse aid and/or detergent, the final result is even more surprising, due to the high washing performance that this cutlery basket has demonstrated.

With the same philosophy of offering high washing performance, the rack for reusable plastic glasses, named Cage, was also created. This particular basket is equipped with a support grid to prevent tipping during the washing of plastic glasses and dishes. It has been designed with large washing holes to ensure effective and safe cleaning of the glasses, meeting the needs of sustainability and reducing the environmental impact in the catering sector.

Sistema Project Italia staff