Coin-operated dishwasher for campsites and holiday villages

Coin-operated dishwasher for campsites: innovation in the world of camping

The UNICAMP coin-operated dishwasher for campsites, camping sites and holiday villages is the ideal machine
for open-air accommodation facilities that wish to offer their guests an innovative and distinctive service.
With the UNICAMP dishwasher you can make your guests’ holiday more comfortable,
by providing a convenient and modern system that washes dishes in just 4 minutes.

With our coin-operated dishwasher, your customers can enjoy their holiday without having to worry about washing the dishes.

The coin-operated camping dishwasher is specially designed to meet the needs of campers
who want an efficient option for dishwashing. With its fast washing capacity and compact design,
this dishwasher fits perfectly into a camp site environment.

Our coin-operated dishwasher for campsites and resorts offers a number of unique features that make it
the ideal choice for outdoor tourist facilities:

Fresh water technology: The dishwasher uses a fresh water washing system, which totally changes the water
in the tank at the end of each wash cycle, thus ensuring impeccably clean dishes and a higher level of hygiene
than conventional dishwashers.

Ease of use: The dishwasher is designed to be easy to use, with an intuitive interface and a token payment
system that allows guests to use the machine quickly and easily.

Energy efficiency: A coin-operated dishwasher designed and built to be energy efficient, reducing operating costs
and environmental impact.

Compact design: The coin-operated dishwasher has a compact design that makes it ideal for installation in limited spaces,
such as campsites and holiday villages.

Robustness and durability: completely made of stainless steel, which guarantees resistance, long life, hygiene and
reliable operation over time.

Fresh water coin-operated dishwasher for campsites and tourist activities

The industrial dishwasher with clean water technology is able to guarantee superior washing hygiene
compared to the classic dishwasher in which there is no change of water in the tank at the end of each wash cycle.

Advantages of the coin-operated dishwasher for campsites

Our comping dishwasher offers numerous advantages for campsites and holiday villages:

Better hygiene: Thanks to the clean water washing system, the dishwasher guarantees a higher level of hygiene than
than conventional dishwashers, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and ensuring clean and hygienic dishes.

Convenience for guests: The coin-operated dishwasher offers a comfortable and convenient solution for camp guests,
who can easily wash their dishes without having to resort to manual methods or carry a portable dishwasher.

Energy saving: our coin-operated dishwasher is designed to be energy efficient, reducing running costs and environmental impact.

Campsite attractiveness: Offering a coin-operated dishwasher on your campsite can increase the attractiveness of your facility,
making it more desirable to potential guests and helping to enhance your reputation in the industry.

General features of the
Unicamp coin-operated dishwasher

– Entirely built in 18/10 AISI 304 stainless steel.
– Available with 50 cm basket.
Peristaltic timed rinse-aid pump as standard.
– Peristaltic timed detergent dispenser as standard.
– Stainless steel tank filter
– Standard equipment 2 baskets plus 1 saucer holder and 1 spoon holder
– Internal arrangement of components designed for quick accessibility during maintenance work.
– Complete automation of tank loading and heating operations.

– Washing time: 4 minutes + tank filling
INCOLOY 800 anti-corrosion heating elements connected in switching to reduce electrical absorption.
– Built-in stainless steel boiler with adjustable thermostat and safety thermostat to cut off heating in the event of a water shortage.
– Tank filter with microfilter on the pump suction to ensure perfect water filtration.
Non-return valve to prevent backflow of water into the water network.
Safety microswitch to prevent detergent water from leaking if the door is opened when the cycle is started.

UNICAMP | Coin-operated dishwashers for campsites and holiday villages

Height: 1800 mm

Width: 550 mm

Depth: 600 mm

Rack: 500 mm X 500 mm

Clearance: 340 mm

Power supply: 400 V 3 N+T 50 Hz

Total power: 4320 W

Tank resistance: 2 X 950W Dynamic

Boiler resistance: 4.000W

Washing pump: Q = 125 lt/min. Hmax = 9 mt

Cycle duration: 240” + filling

Optional: cycle counter function

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The coin-operated camping dishwasher works like a normal dishwasher with the difference that it uses a token payment system to access the service. Camping guests insert a token to start a washing cycle. Once started, the machine uses a clean water washing system to ensure clean and hygienic dishes.

The coin-operated dishwasher offers several advantages over conventional dishwashers, including better hygiene thanks to the clean water washing system, greater energy efficiency, a compact design ideal for installation in confined spaces, and an intuitive interface for easy use by guests.

Installing and setting up the coin-operated dishwasher is simple and can be done by any qualified technician.

Please contact us for a customised quote based on your needs.

The coin-operated dishwasher requires the same minimal routine maintenance as some other industrial dishwashers: cleaning the washing bowl, cleaning the filter unit and cleaning the washing arms.