The most compact in the panorama of rack-conveyor dishwashers, 1150 mm long and complete with double-walled construction, auto timer and type A air gap.

Complete with self-draining and self-cleaning washing pumps and tank with rounded corners for better hygiene. The access to the machine is simple and guaranteed by a door that can open completely to its full extent.

Versions with integrated electric drying modules and heat recovery units available.

General features

– 120 baskets per hour, 1800 dishes per hour. – Basket size 500 mm X 500 mm. – Door height 450 mm. – Self-draining and self-cleaning vertical pumps. – Molded tank with rounded corners extremely easy to clean. – Timed washing.

– Double wall construction. – Stainless steel tank filter. – Incredibly low water consumption in the rinsing phase with only about 1 liter of water per basket. – Equipment: 1 glasses basket, 1 flat baskets and 1 spoon holder.

In this model it is possible to reverse the direction of the belt, making it easy to relocate if the premises needs to be renewed.




1,3 lt/basket


Height: 1615 mm (closed); 2088 (open)

Width: 1150 mm, 1750 mm with drying module

Depth: 770mm

Basket size: 500 mm X 500 mm

Clearance: 450 mm

Power supply: 400 V 3 N 50 Hz

Total power: 22000 W (with hot water supply)

Washing pump: 750 lt / min.

Hourly production: 120 baskets / h