Utensil washer for bakeries pubs butcher shops & foodservice

Warewasher with 2 self-draining & cleaning vertical washing pumps

The model S100, is the ideal utensil washer for fooservice and businesses such as deli-shops, butcheries, pubs and canteens, with a productivity of 800 trays per hour, 300 pots per hour and 60 baskets per hour.

Extremely wide clearance of 500 mm with equally ample space for the basket, 550 mm X 700 mm.

The powerful and intense washing cycle attacks any type of dirt and residue on pots and pans with two self-draining and self-cleaning vertical washing pumps.

These pumps also significantly improve hygiene standards by emptying the machine of any residual dirty water. Its double-skin construction is perfect to retain heat and keep a silent working environment.

Silent Pot & Pan washer with double skin wall

General features

– Double skin contruction ensures a silent and efficient working environment
– Two self-draining and self-cleaning vertical washing pumps.
– Four washing cycles: 1′, 2′, 3′, 4′
– Tank filter in stainless steel
– Peristaltic rinse-aid dosing pump
– Peristaltic detergent dosing pump


– 6 kw boiler heating element
– 3 heating elements in a 1.5 kw tank
– Anti-pollution valve
– Energy save mode
– Equipment: 1 square basket 550 mm X 550 mm; 1 tray of trays 550 mm X 550 mm; 1 mesh insert, 1 stainless steel basket 560 mm X 700 mm
– Stainless Steel washing arms

Utensil washer anti-pollution valve & Energy save mode

The operating functions are controlled by the display of the control panel and a microswitch blocks the cycle if the door is opened.

Double skin structure completely built in stainless steel AISI 304 (18/10) with front accessibility to all components. Double washing pump working separately guarantees the functioning in every situation.





S100 | Utensil washer for foodservice bakeries pubs & butcher shops

Height: 1640 mm

Width: 650 mm

Depth: 845mm

Clearance: 500 mm

Power supply: 400 V 3 N 50 Hz

Total power: 7130 W

Basket size: 550 mm X 700 mm

Washing pump: 2 X 200 lt / min

Cycle duration: 1 ′ – 2 ′ – 3 ′ – 4 ′