Commercial Potwasher with large opening for easy loading

Warewasher with high efficency pumps & low water consumption

With its 132 cm X 70 cm basket and the ergonomic double door with an opening of 85 cm it is able to quickly wash large quantities of kitchen objects.

To allow maximum flexibility of use, it has the exclusive half-load function that activates only one of the two wash pumps and one of the two rinsing pumps. The basket has newly designed guides which reduce the handling effort at full load and are very easy to clean.

Professional high-capacity utensil washer

General features

Equipped with Air break tank rinsing system which allows to reduce the consumption of rinse water by 20% compared to similar products not equipped with this technology.

The extreme simplicity of use, combined with a great completeness of the information available, is offered by the latest generation intelligent electronic controls. The display also allows you to view the operating temperatures, the number of cycles performed, the status of the machine.

Given the great silence ensured by the double-walled construction and the special anti-vibration system, it is difficult to understand when a cycle has ended, for this there is an optical indicator of the remaining time and an acoustic signal for the end of work.

A self-diagnosis program is also active in order to speed up maintenance operations and the setting of operating parameters by the technical service.

The electronic panel without protruding parts offers the advantage of reliability over time.

All models are equipped with a special self-washing cycle of the chamber and facilitated opening system, very useful to minimize the work to be done at the end of the day by the end user, when similar operations can result extremely annoying.

Equipped as standard with detergent dispenser and rinse aid dispenser with electronic adjustment from the control panel, it can be equipped with special sensors (optional) which indicate the low level of detergents. Four wash cycles from 2 to 12 minutes. The basket has newly designed guides which reduce the handling effort at full load and are very easy to clean.


Q=1000 lt/m

Q=40 lt/m

130 lt

S 350 | Commercial Pot & Pan Washers

Height: 1900 mm

Width: 1470 mm

Depth: 850 mm

Basket size: 1320 mm X 700 mm

Clearance: 850 mm

Power supply: 400 V 3 N 50 Hz

Total power: 15500 W

Self-cleaning cycle: standard

Cycle duration: (adjustable from 2 ′ min. To 12 ′ max)