Hood-type dishwasher installation at Staffordshire Grill Country Pub

Staffordshire Grill Country Pub & Steakhouse is housed in The Lion hotel in the beautiful village of Brewood and is famous for its selection of premium British steaks.

After a technical consultation they decided to install one of our high-end and high-productivity hood-type dishwashers. The T1515 hood-type dishwasher with its 50 x 60 cm basket allows to wash both dishes, trays and cookware.

The heat recovery module makes the kitchen environment healthier by reusing the vapors emitted by the dishwasher to achieve considerable energy savings.

The built-in water softener is used when there are limited spaces in the kitchen, the salt for the regeneration of the resins goes directly into the tank and there is no need for additional equipment to be installed outside the machine.

Project and installation by https://www.prodis.co.uk/

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