T1215 Energy +

Passthrough Dishwasher with Steam Heat Recovery

High efficiency passthrough dishwasher with heat recovery system

Self-exhausting passthrough dishwasher with 50×50 cm basket equipped as standard with double skin hood, heat & vapor steam condensing unit and rinsing booster pump with Air break tank to ensure perfect and continuous rinsing even with low pressure conditions of the water network.

Through the reuse of energy from the waste steam, the exhaust heat recovery unit heats the incoming fresh water. The T1215 Energy + model is equipped with a condesing hood or condensate hood, which is a steam extractor whose specific purpose is to condense and eliminate steam and heat produced by the dishwashers at the end of each washing cycle of kitchenware.

Double skin hood type dishwasher with air gap and insulating material

General features

– Basket size 50 cm X 50 cm

– Built in heat/steam recovery module

Air Break tank with booster rinsing pump

– Double skin hood

– 20L moulded tank with rounded edges obtained from a single sheet of metal

– Tank extremely easy to clean without the need to disassemble wash/rinse arms

– Stainless steel washing arms

 Drain pump, peristaltic detergent dispenser

– Cycle duration 60 “, 120” and 180 “with automatic start

– Self-diagnosis function

– 1 plate basket, 1 glass basket and 1 cutlery tray

T1215 Energy+: pass-through dishwasher with condensing unit

Our pass-through dishwasher with integrated heat & steam recovery system offers the following advantages:

It extracts in the steam present after rinsing and condenses it.

The kitchen environment is immediately made healthier and an external extractor hood is not required.

The whole process takes place in just 30 “at the end of the cycle and is automatic.

Greater comfort for the end user: the puff of saturated steam when opening the hood is eliminated.

Energy and money saving: The recovered heat increases the inlet water temperature by 25 ° C.

Energy saving of about 7 Kw per day compared to a traditional model.




2,7 lt / cycle

T1215 Energy + | Commercial passthrough dishwasher with steam heat recovery system

Height: 2230 mm

Width: 644 mm

Depth: 760 mm

Basket size: 500 mm X 500 mm

Power supply: 400 V 3 N + T / 50 Hz

Washing pump: 345 lt / min.

Total power: 8700 W.

Clearance: 450 mm

Cycle duration: 60″, 120″, 180″, continuous mode