Freshwater dishwasher

Fresh water dishwasher for restaurant & catering industry

Sistema Project Italia has been the first to patent a fresh water washing system, at constant volume, where the exchange of water occurs at each washing cycle with rinse-aid and detergent dosed automatically in the proper quantity, creating the first freshwater dishwasher.

The best results in professional warewashing in terms of hygiene and performance. A traditional dishwasher with a drain pump usually works in three steps Washing – Rinsing – Draining.

What is a freshwater dishwasher?

A freshwater dishwasher is the best washing system in professional warewashing in terms of hygiene and performance. The washing is performed using fresh fresh water at each washing cycle with the automatic addition of detergent and rinse-aid in the right quantities. The wash water never gets in contact with the rinse water. Thanks to the complete replacement of the water in the tank, it is possible to wash in sequence dishes with very different types of dirt. In this way it’s possible to wash coffee cups and then, in the next wash cycle, dishes where fish has been consumed without having any contamination. In particular cases as the one in this example, in a traditional machine the percentage of stagnant dirty water in the tank may indeed give off bad smell and provide poor washing results.

A fresh water dishwasher works differently:
1 – Washing cycle: with the water of the previous rinsing which is at the right temperature and free of residues of the previous washings. The amount of detergent needed for eachcycle is automatically dosed with the appropriate pump. This eliminates unnecessary waste and excessive concentrations of detergent granting the proper of the product.

2 – Dripping: this only lasts a few seconds, but is necessary for the water circulating in the appliance to
collect in the relative tank.

3 – Drain: after the washing cycle the water is drained and is ready for rinsing.

4 – Rinse cycle: Volumetric rinse (not timed) grant the proper rinse even with low water pressure. It is made
with 90 °C with fresh water coming from the boiler with the right dose of rinse-aid. The water is then filtered
in the tank and used for the next washing cycle.

The water is then gathered in the tank and is therefore ready for the next cycle. This can be translated into the best method to save energy, avoid waste, have perfect hygiene.

Unica 40P and 50P: Commercial freshwater dishwashers

General features

– Entirely built in 18/10 AISI 304 stainless steel.
– Available in two sizes with 40 cm or 50 cm basket.
Double skin 25 mm with rounded edges as standard (noise level reduced and maximum heating retaining).
Peristaltic timed rinse-aid pump as standard.
– Peristaltic timed detergent pump as standard.
– Stainless steel tank filter in the 50 cm basket models.
– Standard equipment 2 baskets plus 1 saucer holder and 1 spoon holder.
– Internal arrangement of the components designed to ensure rapid accessibility during maintenance operations.
– Complete automation of tank loading and heating operations.

– INCOLOY 800 anti-corrosion heating elements connected in switching to reduce electrical absorption.
– Built-in stainless steel boiler equipped with adjustable thermostat and safety thermostat to stop heating in case of lack of water.
– Tank filter with microfilter on the pump suction to ensure perfect water filtration.
– Non-return valve to prevent backflow of water into the water network.
– Safety microswitch to prevent detergent water from leaking if the door is opened when the cycle is started.

Benefits of freshwater dishwasher

The importance of rinsing: the rinsing phase is based on the volume of water, not on a time interval. The machine uses the same volume of water regardless of pressure variations granting water savings in the event of unsteady or too high water pressure.




Double skin

25 mm


Height: 715 mm

Width: 500 mm

Depth: 520 mm

Rack: 400 mm X 400 mm

Clearance: 280 mm

Power supply: 400 V 3N + T 50 Hz

Total power: 6200 W

Washing pump: Q = 120 lt /m ; Hmax = 6 mt

Cycle duration: 180 “-240” -continuous mode / thermostop


Height: 850 mm

Width: 600 mm

Depth: 600 mm

Rack 500 mm X 500 mm

Clearance: 340 mm

Power supply: 400 V 3 N + T 50 Hz

Total power: 6320 W

Washing pump: Q = 125 lt / min. ;  Hmax = 9 mt

Cycle duration: 180 “- 240” continuous mode / thermostop