Commercial dishwashers with self-cleaning & self-emptying washing pumps

Dishwashers with back-lit LCD display to keep everything under control

The large back-lit polychrome LCD display, with color variations across the display, indicates, even from a distance, the status of the machine and the progress of the washing cycle. All information on the display is displayed with icons and plain text in 4 selectable languages (tank and boiler temperatures, number of cycles performed, automatic diagnosis indications, etc.), for a simple, complete and reliable reading. The control of the functions, on the other hand, takes place through 4 soft touch keys, with which it is also possible to adjust the tank and boiler temperatures and dose detergent and rinse aid. Standard self-cleaning cycle.

Special washing cycles

Eco: Reduced consumption with less water and lower temperatures.

Long: Continuous cycle up to 12 minutes.

Glass: Ideal for glasses, low rinse temperatures.

Osmo: For bright glasses. To be used together with an external osmosis system.

Intensive: Complete 2 washes and 2 rinses, useful for the worst dirt, especially pots and pans.

Cutlery: High temperatures for longer time-span. Ideal for metal cutlery.

Maximum care for delicate glasses

Soft-start function enabled as standard allow to trigger the washing pump with a weaker starting point to avoid a too strong impact in case you have to wash delicate dishes such as wine glasses avoiding any possibility of breakage.

Versatile dishwashers with washing pumps in vertical position

Useful height for the insertion of plates and glasses among the highest in the current market.

Maximum performance. Washing pumps in vertical position: self-draining and self-cleaning.

Excellent hydraulic-head and flow values but reduced consumption, combined with light composite washing arms that guarantee perfect distribution of the water flow even with little water pressure. Possibility to integrate the dishwasher model with Air break tank and booster pump. Tank filter as standard for all models.


The UNICA series differs from other dishwashers on the market by the very high degree of product customization.

One of the most appreciated features, from this point of view, is the possibility of increasing the duration of the cycles so that based on the amount of dirt on the dishes it will be possible to select the most appropriate cycle. Timed peristaltic rinse-aid and detergent dispensers as standard all models. Available with single or double skin (in order to reduce noise impact and retain more heat) at customer’s choice.

Low costs, water savings (only 2.7 liters per cycle) and energy save mode complete the profile of a product that is both functional and elegant.




2,7 lt / cycle

UNICA 40 | dishwasher with self-cleaning & self-emptying washing pumps

Height: 705 mm

Width: 450 mm

Depth: 520 mm

Rack: 400 mm X 400 mm

Clearance: 280 mm

Voltage: 230 V 50 Hz

Total power: 4190 W

Washing pump: Q = 120 lt /m ; Hmax = 6 mt

Cycle duration: 90 “-120” -180 “- Drain-Clean / Thermostop

Special cycles: Eco, Long, Osmo, Glass, Intensive, Cutlery

UNICA 50 | dishwasher with self-cleaning & self-emptying washing pumps

Height: 840 mm

Width: 550 mm

Depth: 600 mm

Rack 500 mm X 500 mm

Clearance: 340 mm

Voltage: 230 V 50 Hz / 400 V 3 N 50 Hz

Total power: 3580 W / 4580 W

Washing pump: Q = 125 lt / min. ;  Hmax = 9 mt

Cycle duration: 90 “-120” -180 “- Drain-Clean / Thermostop

Special cycles: Eco, Long, Osmo, Glass, Intensive, Cutlery