Steam condensing unit

20 March 2020 -

For hood type dishwashers

Steam / heat condensing unit for hood type commercial diswashers it’s a device created by Sistema Project Italia for T1215 and T1515 models and its function is basically to prevent heat and steam emissions into the environment.

The advantages:

Energy saving

To be combined with hood type dishwashers, this unit extracts steam after rinsing and condenses it; the heat recovered increases inlet water temperature by 15 °C. So, if for instance we got this temperature at the beginning and 80° during the rinsing phase with 2,7 lt of water per cycle we can save 0,05kWH per cycle, roughly 6kWH per day.

Healthier environment

Promotes a healthier working environment and also considerable energy saving through a 30%* reduction in the heat gradient generated by the boiler in the rinsing water.

Money saving

Using this system also eliminates the need to install an external extraction hood/kitchen canopy. Steam impact is massively reduced.

Suitable for small areas

In comparison with a traditional kitchen canopy, this unit is extremely compact and perfect even for the smallest kitchens.

Easy to use

The entire process, which is fully automatic, lasts just 30”.

* This value is strongly tied to the condition of the environment (temperature, kitchen dimensions, relative humidity).

Sistema Project Italia staff