Reverse osmosis: dry and shiny glasses and wine glasses

8 January 2023 -

Get perfectly clean glasses by using osmotized water

The Osmo 180 reverse osmosis purifying system coupled to the UNICA Dishwasher line can be positioned both vertically and horizontally. High performance with constant rinsing with a custom made osmosis system for every need.

Through reverse osmosis (RO), also known as hyper filtration (HF), a series of special membranes retain the minerals present in the water, preventing them from passing through and allowing demineralised water to be produced. This water has the ideal physical and chemical properties for our commercial dishwashers, glasswashers and potwashers to operate in the best possible conditions.

What is reverse osmosis?

The technique of reverse osmosis, also called hyperfiltration, is a process in which pressure, greater than osmotic pressure, is applied to a fluid so that solvent molecules move from a more concentrated solution to a less concentrated solution. This change in concentration is performed through a membrane that is able to retain and prevent the passage of the solute. Once the solute has been extracted, the pure solvent remains, free of impurities. More generally, the osmosis system for dishwashers can be seen as a filter that purifies the water used by the dishwasher, ensuring a superior washing of dishes and glasses, efficiently removing water, micro-drips, odours and halos.

Unica 40 dishwasher and osmosis for pizzeria San Michele

Marco Brazzalotto, pizzaiolo and owner of the pizzeria San Michele, has always had a dream since the first day he opened his own business: perfect, shiny and dry glasses and wine glasses, without any stains! Pizzeria San Michele is located in San Michele di Feletto near Conegliano, a small village nestled in the beautiful Prosecco D.o.c.g. hills, a Unesco heritage site, in Treviso province.

After 15 years of working in the restaurant and catering industry, in May 2022, my pizzeria opened to offer not the usual pizza but a different product, in some ways unique, a superior quality pizza that is easy to digest and above all delicious. Marco’s pizza comes from the ancient tradition of Neapolitan pizza, only to be revisited with the addition of regional ingredients, even special ones, such as IGP Mortadella, Pistachio grain or Guanciale di Sauris. The dough, made only from unrefined flour and handmade, is thus particularly light and very tasty.

Given our location, nestled in the hills of Conegliano Valdobbiadene, in addition to offering excellent lager and red beers, we also offer a selection of prosecco D.o.c.g. Prosecco wines, which are offered to customers clearly in wine glass.
This gave rise to our need to find a professional washing system which, besides guaranteeing the highest levels of hygiene, would allow us to get perfectly transparent wine glasses, without stains, residues or fingerprints.

Industrial glass washer coupled with osmosis system

The ideal solution presented by Sistema Project Italia involves a system consisting of 2 components: the dishwasher and glasswashers Unica40 coupled with the Osmo180 osmosis system. This system amazes with the perfection and cleanliness with which the wine glasses come out of the glasswasher at the end of each wash cycle, ensuring, if rinse aid is also used, that the glasses and wine glasses are dry.

The Unica 40 dishwasher model has the perfect dimensions to be installed under any bar, pub, restaurant or pizzeria counter. Thanks to the presence of the break tank, the rinsing of the crockery and glasses always takes place at a constant water temperature and pressure, regardless of the pressure level of the water mains
the booster pump ensures a very high quality of rinse, creating powerful water jets that guarantee the removal of even the smallest residues from the crockery and glasses.

But the real added value was the idea of combining the Unica 40 with the high-performance osmosis system Osmo 180. In fact, should a restaurant or a bar be located in an area where water with a high concentration of minerals is present, the perfect cleaning of glasses and wine glasses is nearly impossible. By installing an osmotizer, the advantages are immediately obvious:

-Brighter glasses and tableware: thanks to fully demineralised water, which reduces stains and halos on dish surfaces and glassware

-Cost reduction: thanks to approximately half the detergent consumption compared to the washing with a conventional dishwasher

-Dry glasses and crockery: with the right rinse aid combination, the drying time of glasses becomes extremely low and cloths and wipes are no longer necessary

If you want perfect, shiny, halo-free glasses that enhance the flavour of the wine, installing a Unica 40 dishwasher in combination with the Osmo180 osmosis unit is the perfect solution. On the one hand, there will be no more complaints from customers regarding the cleaning of glasses, and on the other hand, it will no longer be necessary to invest time in cleaning them by hand, with the advantage of total hygiene of the tableware.

Glasses & wine glasses without halos stains streaks & imprints

Dishwasher and osmosis system for dry wine glasses

Restaurants, bars, caterers or pizzerias, such as San Michele, are well aware of what it means to take the basket out of the dishwasher at the end of the wash cycle and see glasses and wine glasses still opaque, dirty, with halos all along the edge of the glass or with residues difficult or impossible to remove. A commercial dishwasher or glasswasher should be a machine that helps people who are already busy with other jobs, which is why it is essential to be able to find the solution for a high-quality washing of crockery, but especially of glass and crystals.

The installation of an osmosis system in series with a glass washer removes most of the salt present in the water, eliminating all those mineral residues that would be deposited on glasses and wine glasses. The purpose of the osmoticiser is to filter water from the water mains through a membrane at high pressure. A simple water test provides a quick answer about the hardness level, which is given by the concentration of calcium and magnesium in the water. A reverse osmosis module allows this level to be greatly lowered, producing softened water ideal for washing in dishwashers, as well as preventing the formation of limescale.

OSMO 180 reverse osmosis purifying system

OSMO180 Osmosis Unit

-Dimensions 107x450xh450mm

-Weight: 16Kg

-Power supply 230V 50Hz

-Absorption 400W

-The OSMO 180 osmosis system is designed for a nominal flow rate of approximately 160/180 L/h

-We recommend the use of the dedicated products OSMODRY and OSMOWASH

sistema osmosi Osmo180 per lavastoviglia Unica 50

The treatment of incoming water through an osmosis module is the ideal system to produce the perfect water for professional use that every restaurant should install. The results will be immediately clear, above all if rinse aid is also used during washing. Shiny and clean glasses and crystals without the need to dry them.

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Sistema Project Italia staff