Reverse osmosis system: Unica 50 commercial dishwasher

12 June 2020 - unica by sistema project italia

Get perfectly clean glasses by using osmotized water

The Osmo 180 reverse osmosis purifying system coupled to the UNICA 50 dishwasher can be positioned both vertically and horizontally. High performance with constant rinsing with a custom made osmosis system for every need.

Through reverse osmosis (RO), also known as hyper filtration (HF), a series of special membranes retain the minerals present in the water, preventing them from passing through and allowing demineralised water to be produced. This water has the ideal physical and chemical properties for our commercial dishwashers to operate in the best possible conditions. More generally, the osmosis dishwasher system can be seen as a filter that purifies the water used by the dishwasher, ensuring a premium washing of dishes and glasses, efficiently removing water, micro drops, smells and halos.

What is reverse osmosis?

The technique of reverse osmosis, also called hyperfiltration, is a process in which pressure, greater than osmotic pressure, is applied to a fluid so that solvent molecules move from a more concentrated solution to a less concentrated solution. This change in concentration is performed through a membrane that is able to retain and prevent the passage of the solute. Once the solute has been extracted, the pure solvent remains, free of impurities.

Why choosing a commercial dishwasher with osmosis system?

– Brighter glasses: The completely demineralized water significantly reduces the possibility of stains, streaks or pitting on the surfaces, which are instead typical of medium / hard water.

-Reduction of costs for restaurant managers: reduction of detergent consumption up to 50% compared to washing with a traditional dishwasher

Dry dishes: the mechanical drying process is facilitated. In a short time, with the right combination of rinse aid, the drying time of the glasses becomes extremely fast and drying with cloths and tea towels is in most cases unnecessary.

The use of an osmosis unit to produce demineralised water decreases the likelihood of breaking the freshly washed glasses during the delicate drying phase by the end user in the traditional way.

Unica 50

Cycle of 90 “-120” and 180 “, drain / self-cleaning;

Special cycles (including OSMO cycle)


Drain pump

Air break tank with pressure booster pump

Peristaltic detergent and rinse aid dosing pump

Pump filter in stainless steel

Tank filter in steel

Steel washing arms

Energy saving mode

Soft start (washing pump that is activated gradually to avoid possible breakage of the glasses)

Dimensions / Weight / Volume: 600 x 600 x H 850 mm / 44 Kg / 0.39 m³

Power supply: 230 V – 50 Hz / 400 V 3N + T 50 Hz

Total power: 4320 W / 6320 W.

Boiler heating element: 4000W / 6000W

Tank resistance: 1500 W.

Washing pump: Q = 125 lt / min .; Hmax = 9 m

Tank: 22 lt

Boiler: 8.4 lt

Water consumption: 2.3 lt / cycle

Basket: 500 x 500 mm

OSMO 180 reverse osmosis purifying system

OSMO180 Unit

-Dimensions 107x450xh450mm

-Weight: 16Kg

-Power supply 230V 50Hz

-Absorption 400W

-The OSMO 180 osmosis system is designed for a nominal flow rate of approximately 160/180 L/h

-We recommend the use of the dedicated products OSMODRY and OSMOWASH

Sistema Project Italia staff