Sistema Project Italia: a success at Host 2023 in Milan

23 October 2023 - stand host milano 2023 sistema project italia

A global event in the catering and hospitality industry

For five days, from 13 to 17 October, at Host 2023, Milan once again became the capital of professional hospitality solutions.

The global hospitality scene therefore gathered in Milan for Host 2023, the reference event for the catering & restaurant industry and retail sector catering & restaurant industry and retail sector, and Sistema Project Italia also in this edition, participated with a new, totally redesigned booth, offering visitors a new experience, including a well-stocked bar area as well as some market innovations.

This year, our booth recorded an incredible flow of visitors, confirming our position as a leader in the professional washing industry.

Our customers came from all over the world, demonstrating our global reach and innate ability to meet the needs of an increasingly demanding international market.

The Debut for Unicamp: Dishwashers for Campsites

The highlight of our participation at Host 2023 was undoubtedly the presentation of our new Unicamp dishwasher. This machine, designed specifically for campsites, was received with great enthusiasm by the visitors to our booth. Most of them had never seen a machine with these features before. Campsite visitors have the opportunity to wash their dishes, glasses and crockery with this clean-water dishwasher featuring an easy-to-use and intuitive system.

Unicamp represents the latest step in our commitment to providing innovative solutions for the hospitality industry. This dishwasher is designed to ensure high quality dishwashing performance and the simplest use possible. Not only that, Unicamp is an eco-friendly product, designed to save water and energy.

unicamp lavastoviglie a gettoni per camping
unicamp lavastoviglie a gettoni per camping con porta aperta

New high-performance 50×50 baskets for dishwashers

The new 50×50 baskets for industrial dishwashers were presented at Host 2023. These baskets feature a new design that makes them extraordinarily high-performance compared to classic baskets.

The innovative design of this basket allows the water jets from the washing arms to enter much more easily through the holes in the basket, reaching the dishes with a higher frequency and greater volume of water, washing and sanitising in depth.

This results in a higher washing performance, allowing a higher level of degreasing of the dishes, deeper cleaning and greater hygiene not only of the dishes but also of the basket itself, which thanks to its special design remains clean over time, preventing the formation of typical food deposits in dishwasher baskets at the end of the day.

T1215 Energy+ hood dishwasher

Another dishwasher that was particularly well received was the T1215 Energy+ hood dishwasher with energy-saving steam recovery system. Hood dishwasher with a 50×50 cm basket equipped as standard with a double-walled hood, heat/steam recovery device and pressure booster pump with air break tank to ensure perfect and continuous rinsing even in low mains pressure conditions.

The system extracts the steam present after rinsing and condenses it through an energy-saving steam condensation unit.

The kitchen environment is instantly made healthier and there is no need for an external extractor hood.

The entire process takes only 30″ at the end of the cycle and is automatic.

Greater user comfort: the saturated steam when opening the hood is eliminated

Saves energy and money: the recovered heat increases the inlet water temperature by 25°C.

Looking to the Future of Professional Washing

The success of Sistema Project Italia at Host 2023 was a clear sign of our growth and ability to innovate. We are grateful to all the visitors who came to see us and showed interest in our products and our vision.

Now, in the post-show time, we are even more determined to continue our mission: to provide high-quality professional dishwashing solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers around the world. Unicamp’s debut is just the beginning. We will continue to work to advance our vision for more efficient, sustainable and forward-looking hospitality.

Contact us for more information on our industrial dishwashers for the catering industry made in Italy.

Sistema Project Italia staff