Temperature and sanitising of tableware

27 April 2020 - temperature and sanitization

Disinfection of crockery in industrial dishwashers

DIN SPEC10534 statement specifies the hygiene requirements relating to the design, construction and operation of industrial dishwashers for for Restaurant and Catering Industry sector and in particular, provides information:

– On their proper functioning

– On the cleaning and disinfection of dishes

– On the care and maintenance of machinery

– It also specifies the principles for a correct spatial and functional arrangement inside the kitchen and for a correct and hygienic organization of the washing cycle.

All Sistema Project Italia models comply with this regulation, in particular as regards the rinse temperatures according to the sanitization of the dishes.

The thermostop is a standard feature in all electronic machines of the Sistema Project Italia range.

This function determines that the dishwasher will not start rinsing until it reaches the appropriate rinsing temperature (85 ° C).

This means that the machine continues washing until the water in the boiler reaches the temperature necessary to start rinsing, which in this way eliminates a high number of germs and bacteria for a general sanitization of the dishes.

Usually, this option slightly lengthens the washing cycles. However, if there is a need to disable it, the user can do it in a very simple way using the display controls.

Every temperature parameter is also easily verifiable on the machine display.

The break tank allows the constant temperature rinsing process from start to finish, thus maintaining the set temperature throughout the entire process.

The booster pressure pump for the rinse water ensures a suitable pressure to effectively rinse the surface of the dishes regardless of the system’s mains pressure.

Break tank and booster pumps are available on request in the UNICA range (basket 50), in the hood type models, in the S100 model and in the rack conveyor models.

They are standard in the S90, S200 and S350 models.

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Sistema Project Italia Staff