The peristaltic dosing pump in commercial dishwashers

25 February 2022 - peristaltic dosing pums sistema

What is a peristaltic pump and what is its function in dishwashers?

The peristaltic pump, or peristaltic dosing pump, in commercial and industrial dishwashers is a pressure system that is crucial for increasing the performance and efficiency of dishwashing.
It is based on the principle of peristalsis, which involves a compression in the tube through which the water flows, thus providing the water with sufficient head, i.e. the mechanical energy to enable the fluid to move.

The heart of the peristaltic pump is the rotor to which is applied a two rollers system that rotating can occlude and compress the pipe making the water advance. It is clear that the most stressed component is the pump tube, which is why it is made of high performance elastic rubber capable of deforming and returning to its original state, guaranteeing efficient suction.

We would like to remind you that in order to wash dishes professionally, in addition to a good and efficient machine, it is essential to use additives, and the detergent and rinse aid peristaltic dosing pump performs exactly this function.

Although it is obvious that, if you want to wash correctly, you must use detergents, we often find that unsatisfactory washing results can be attributed to some incorrect habits in the use of professional dishwashers, such as never changing the washing water or expecting that the detergent added in the morning will be enough for the whole day.

At the same time, the excess of detergent, as well as its lack, does not offer the guarantee, to get a good washing. Therefore, follow the instructions on how much soap to use in your dishwasher manual.



In membrane pumps and dispensers, the fluid is sucked in through the oscillation of special membranes that produce the movement of the fluid. This suction technology was the first to be used in professional dishwashers and many companies still use it in their machines.

Sistema Project Italia has chosen to use only peristaltic pumps for the clear advantages that these pumps have over the membrane models:
-More precision in dosing with an adjustement up to 60″
-Greater reliability The membrane works through ” hits” generated by the washing pump that could break the membrane over time.
-Membranes, if not used for some time, have the tendency to dry out and break much more frequently than the rubber tube of the peristaltic pump




The right and constant dosage of rinse aid and detergents, such as soap and detergent, is crucial and for this reason we have been installing peristaltic pumps in all our professional dishwasher lines for years.

Our peristaltic dosing pumps, besides guaranteeing a constant dosage of detergent and rinse aid, does not have the problem of triggering after the replacement of the detergent tank once it is empty.

It is very important to know that very little quantity of detergent (soap, detergent) is needed, and that it must be dosed at each washing depending on the type of “dirt” (from 1 to 3 grams/liter). A constant and regular concentration of detergent in the tank is therefore essential.
As regards the amount of rinse aid, even less than soap is needed (from 0.2 to 0.5 grams/liter). This amount is in fact enough to break the water molecule and make it slip away very easily, speeding up the drying of dishes, glasses, pots, cutlery, pans, etc..

In this regard, we must remember that no known commercial dishwasher on the market is capable of drying. This happens only by heat change, more or less quickly, depending on the washing temperature and the outside temperature. If the dishes are not well cleansed they can hinder this process.

Decalcified water also decreases detergent consumption by up to 50-70%, saving on electricity and heating water costs, improving washing and preserving the dishwasher from lime scale and breakage.

The advantages of installing one or more peristaltic dosing pumps in a professional dishwasher are therefore many, and this is why we have believed in the necessity of installing them in all the models of dishwashers, potwashers, capot dishwashers and instrument washers that we produce.

Sistema Project Italia staff