Washing arms with snap-fit nozzles in our dishwashers

25 March 2022 - braccio di lavaggio e ugelli Snap-fit

All professional dishwashers designed and built by us use specific washing arms that are characterized by particularly high performance.

This component has been conceived, designed, manufactured and then patented by Sistema Project Italia, with the aim of achieving the highest level of cleanliness with the lowest possible water consumption, reaching the highest performance among the several professional washing systems on the market.

Our washing arms can be made of 2 types of materials:

-stainless steel

-composite material (30% glass fibre, 30% talc micro-particles, 40% organic resin)

The choice of whether to use steel or composite material washing arms is simply the customer’s choice. Actually, the choice should also be made according to the water pressure in your area. If you suffer from chronic low water pressure, it is recommended to use composite arms, which are lighter than steel arms and therefore perform better in case the water pressure is too low. Stainless steel arms are offered as standard in the following produtcs: Hood type dishwashers T1215 , T1215Energy+ , T1515, warewashers and potwashers S90, S100, S200 e S350.

But why are the washing arms so important in a professional dishwasher?

Washing arms are the main and essential component for getting dishware degreased in a way thatguarantees quality and safety. Therefore, they are the most important element inside the washing chamber of a professional dishwasher, and it is for this reason that Sistema Project Italia has invested a lot of resources in their development, offering its customers that added value that ishard to find in other machines.

The advantages of Snap-fit nozzles in professional dishwashers

The distinguishing feature of our washing arms is the nozzles.

Snap-fit washing and rinsing nozzles are manually removable, making maintenance and cleaning ofthe machine quick and easy. The snap coupling system allows the nozzle to be released and re-attached with one hand.

Thanks to this snap-fit coupling, compared with the classic fixed nozzles molded directly onto traditional washing arms, the level of hygiene in our models is considerably higher, allowing to reach all parts of the element, both internal and external, that require in-depth cleaning and washing at the highest level. All this is done in a very short time, with minimum effort and in total safety.

High dishwashing performance
with Snap-fit nozzles

The combination of low-consumption but high head and flow rate washing pumps, together with snap-fit washing arms, ensures perfect water flow distribution even with low water pressure.
This is a great advantage for all those situations in which there is a chronic problem of low pressure in the hydraulic system and which would cause a reduced effectiveness of dishwashing. This integrated washing system harmonises the pressure all along the entire washing arm, ensuring superior results from every single water jet.

Sistema Project Italia staff